3 in 1 SOS Whistle - The Keychain Car Escape Tool

3 in 1  SOS Whistle - The Keychain Car Escape Tool Helps You Escape Life's Everyday Emergencies

The Bodyguard (3 in 1 SOS Whistle) is a Keychain Car Escape Tool that is essential tool for every driver and passenger of the vehicle of life. This car escape tool includes necessary equipment to help you escape from your vehicle in case of operational failure of the windows and doors. You can easily carry this compact car escape tool by attaching it to your keychain

seatbelt cutter

The window breaker feature, is a spring loading system which automatically acts when pressed against the window. You can easily remove a locked seat belt with the seatbelt cutter. 

The window breaker and seatbelt cutter are both constructed of steel with high-carbon content for durability. This keyring tool also features a high pitched  SOS emergency whistle which blares at high decibels. 

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Colors: Black - Yellow - Red - Blue - Green