Monday, May 12, 2014

Locksmith Alert .>>>> Credit Cards to get into your house.

Locksmith Alert .>>>> Credit Cards to get into your house.

Locksmiths know how to install lock systems correctly. Most Homeowners and building contractors don't, and even some "fly by night" locksmith companies in the cities don't care either. Watch what happens when your locks are installed wrong. Get a Locksmith and avoid the 15 second break in !!

That's pretty crazy right. That why you need a professional locksmith like Total Security to come and evaluate all of the locks on your doors and windows to clean, lubricate and properly re-install your locks so that they work up to the manufacturers specifications.

On an additional note most deadbolts, which is the real way the door should be protected not the entry set,  are not installed properly by the builder or the homeowner.
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Here is the image from slide 14, they never tell you how far to drill the hole!!!

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They Never tell you how far to go.
Get a locksmith

They are both under the impressions that if you just drill a hole and put the metal latch over it you will be all good. When the truth of the matter is the hole needs to be long enough to extend fully so that the latch locks into place. If you fail to do this then anyone with a screwdriver can just push the lock back and open the door.

So don't delay call 802-754-8417 or email Total Security today we will come to your home and give you a free evaluation of the security of your home, school or place of business.

Total Security has been serving the Northeast Kingdom since 1976. We are certified and Bonded locksmiths. We are members of the Green Mt Locksmiths Association (GMLA), Associated Locksmith of America (ALOA) , National Safeman’s Organization (NSO) and Safe & Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA)

Thank you for your time.

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